PABT6008 15″-inch Bluetooth PA Speaker With LED Light

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PABT6008 15″-inch Bluetooth PA Speaker With LED Light

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Axess is proud to present this new Portable 15″ Bluetooth PA Speaker with a considerable amount of new features. Firstly, it has an excellent sound effect that can be adjusted on the PA speaker’s control panel located on the backside. The user will be able to adjust the volume, treble and bass levels to their liking. Secondly, this Bluetooth speaker has great portable features including a retractable handle and sturdy wheels. So, you’ll be able to wheel around this speaker, along with its dancing LED light anywhere you wish.

Above all, enjoy playing this Bluetooth PA Speaker at home or bump it up for any outdoor activities such as backyard parties, hangouts, or workouts at the park. This Portable 15” inch Bluetooth Speaker is great for any activity. For example, it can be used for karaoke singing along with the included wired microphone that Axess provides.  Rely on this portable speaker to go wherever you go because it is built with an extendable handle and sturdy wheels.

How to Connection via Bluetooth:

Take these steps to connect your mobile device’s to the Axess PABT6017 speaker:

  1. Make sure both the PA speaker is on Bluetooth mode and the mobile device has it’s bluetooth on as well.
  2.  Search from the mobile device for the device name “PABT6017”.
  3. Lastly, the PA speaker should indicate with a chime sound that the bluetooth connection was successful.

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