PABT6056 12″inch Bluetooth Party Speaker with LED Light

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PABT6056 12″inch Bluetooth Party Speaker with LED Light

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The PABT6056 12-inch Bluetooth Party Speaker is one of Axess’ top of the line entertainment units, because it successfully brings together style, creativity and functionality. You can hear it for yourself, this speaker has excellent sound effect with bass and treble adjustments. So you can play your music to your preferred sound. Axess also provides you with a remote control and wired microphone making this the ideal party speaker.

Conveniently built with an extendable handle, the PABT6056 12-inch Bluetooth Party speaker makes for a lively traveling company. That is to say this speaker is great for entertaining outdoors. For example, don’t go out camping with a greeting entertainment system for those moments of down time. Similarly, you can’t go without some background music for a small backyard gathering with friends. In conclusion, you can’t go without getting one of these Axess party speakers. Hours of entertainment in one box with an additional wired microphone and remote control to make the bundle complete.

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