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Portable Wireless Speakers

The electronics manufacturers at AXESS Products Corp. believe that there is a middle ground between elitist, steeply priced goods and disposable, cheap merchandise. Accordingly, we here at AXESS use our decades upon decades of combined experience in the consumer electronics industry to provide customers with unique, colorful, and cool electronic gadgets that are unlike anything else on the market. Our wide-selection of portable wireless speakers is a testament to this belief.

Our tiny, cute Boombug line is the pinnacle of the portable wireless speakers here at AXESS. They're dynamic, eye-catching, and easily-transportable and come in a broad array of colors: from pink, light blue, and yellow to metallic red, dark blue, and silver. Most importantly, however, the Boombug speakers sound great, especially when extended to make a fuller sound. They can even be connected through audio cables to provide richer audio. All of the Boombug speakers come with rechargeable batteries and can run for many hours. This means these speakers are portable enough to be moved away from outlets and also save money and time stemming from buying batteries.

The portable wireless speakers available from AXESS show that the company understands that versatility is key when it comes to customers and the way they listen to music. Our wholesale gadgets come with many ways to connect your audio. We have many options with Bluetooth capabilities, including our top-notch Boombug speakers, box speakers, and more. Furthermore, a huge portion of the portable wireless speakers here at AXESS are compatible with USB, SD cards, and Micro SD (TF) cards. Furthermore, AXESS does offer wired speakers for those who prefer the traditional audio jack, including Boombug mini wired speakers and portable wired box speakers. These convenient mini-speakers are perfect for use in home offices, kitchens, and wherever you may need some extra volume and want the simplest plug-in method possible.

With any questions, please contact AXESS Products Corp. at 818-785-4000 or by going to this contact page.