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Electronics Manufacturers

Here at AXESS Products Corp., we are bringing state-of-the-art, cool electronic gadgets throughout our distribution channels in North, Central, and South America and throughout the world. The leadership here brings together over 70 years of collective experience working with consumer electronics and computer peripherals and we put this skillset to fantastic use. The electronics manufacturers here at AXESS strive to combine unique, never before seen designs with the most innovative technologies. Moreover, we know that to stay competitive in such an expansive industry, we have to offer our products at competitive rates. AXESS is confident that any product in our store is not only affordable, but also gives business owners flexibility in determining their retail costs.

A flagship product in the AXESS line is our portable wireless speakers. These speakers bring crisp, clear sound and come in an array of bright colors. Plus, one of our goals as electronics manufacturers is to make our products compatible with as many input options as possible, including SD/MMC, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5 mm audio jack, and more. Our flagship cute gadgets, the Boombug mini-speakers are by far the most portable of our options. AXESS offers a wired version of the Boombug as well as Bluetooth compatible ones, both in a broad spectrum of colors.

As competitive, imaginative electronics manufacturers, we here at AXESS are bound to have something in our inventory that can fill the missing niche on your store's shelves. Please don't hesitate to look around our site or ask us directly if you're looking for something in particular. Speak with a friendly AXESS representative by calling 818-785-4000 or contact us online.